Futurism In Art - Building (watercolor)

Futurism in Art – Building Series (Watercolors)

A paradigm shift from the Emotion Series, the Futurism in Art – Building collection provides a bold outlook on what the future possibly holds in store.

Using strong geometric lines and watercolor paints, the Futurism in Art – Building Series transports you to a time and place where anything is possible.

This series was inspired by Star Wars and it immerses you into a cool new fantasy world.

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Building 1 Part 1

Get a quick rundown on how to draw futuristic-style buildings using symmetrical shapes against a night sky backdrop. Use the help of a ruler to align the buildings effortlessly. Once the basic outline is created, move on to Part 2 to see how the finishing touches are made with watercolor.

Building 1 Part 2

The best part of any cityscape is the glittering and bold colors that can be seen aerially or even just by looking out a window. In this lesson, viewers get the best practices for painting using watercolors and shading sketches to bring out a more realistic looking portrait.

Building 2 Part 1

Square and rectangular buildings are placed side-by-side as a blueprint for the finale – painting the city to look like a bright and bold utopia in the upcoming Part 2 lesson. The secret tool used in this tutorial is a ruler, which draws gridlines for gleaming architectural details.

Building 2 Part 2

Visualize yourself in a city of the future and let your imagination run free. In this futuristic world, neon-colored lights sparkle through shiny bright buildings. The video tutorial shows best practices for painting with watercolors and how to elevate backdrops, such as night skies, for example.

Building 3 Part 1

Create your very own hi-tech city featuring skyscrapers and a breathtaking moon in the background. Grab a compass to elevate the 3D effect. A canvas window is set in place at the beginning to help you visualize the scene of a comic book or graphic novel, for example.

Building 3 Part 2

Now that the preliminary sketch is complete, let’s move on to blending colors that reflect a “city on the move”. The portrait reflects a buzzing nightlife scene where the city lights up and never sleeps. Against the flurry of activity going on, a calm serene blue keeps things looking balanced.