Emotion Series

Emotion Series

Cruise through the roller coaster of life with art. The Emotion Series is where life meets art. It entails a collection of short videos with transformative life lessons that individuals with autism can use in the real world. Learn how to draw emotion-fueled anime characters that showcase a range of emotions, including boldness, calmness, or emptiness, for example.

In the series, an anime template is placed under the sketch paper to easily create a basic framework that can be adjusted by the emotion being described. ASDC hopes that our Emotion Series will have a lasting positive impact on your life.

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Boldness Lesson

In this lesson, Asher shares how he used art to build up his confidence for an out-of-state drive that would allow him to spend quality time with this girlfriend. Like most of us with ASD, he was nervous about the prospect of trying something new. To calm his nerves and maintain his cool, Asher did what he always does when fear took over – he turned to art. In this particular boldness series, the anime character takes on the bravery and charisma of a pro football athlete, complete with a jersey and fan number. The next time you feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, don’t despair. Grab a sketchpad along with your pencils and supplies, and try art!

Calmness Lesson

Asher references a basic anime head and eye template to pull off an illustration that showcases the emotions of calm and peace. To amplify the effects, the male anime character is sketched with closed eyes to represent picturing yourself zoning out all distractions. A comfy pillow cushions the character who is wearing a serene white-blue shirt to symbolize tranquility. When you’re done drawing this image, hang it on your bedroom wall to remind yourself to keep calm and carry on when anxiety takes over. To unwind even more, Asher recommends playing nature-inspired acoustics like the sound of rain or waves crashing against an ocean’s shore for example.

Courage Lesson

A pre-selected anime male character template is transferred to a blank paper and customized to evoke courage. As always, Asher draws on his life experiences and imparts wisdom for how to navigate through the many ups and downs of living with ASD. In life, we’re often told to be courageous and bold, but this is usually easier said than done. In this lesson, Asher urges viewers to get out of their comfort zones and try something totally new. The take-home message is to find the grit to write your own story even if this means taking baby steps. Take a look at the tutorial to try your hands at drawing a courageous character. Are you up to the challenge?

Emptiness Lesson

In this tutorial, Asher brings the real world into the classroom by capturing the emotion of emptiness. With the anime’s eyes looking downward, the sentiment can be felt the instant you look at it. The color selection of a dark long-sleeved shirt fuels the sensation. The sketch mirrors a dark time in Asher’s life when he felt empty and bare before meeting his current girlfriend. He often thought that his diagnosis was a barrier for finding someone to call his own. More than a scholarly lesson, it teaches that for every problem, there’s a solution. Watch the video to see how this specific story unfolds. Spoiler Alert: It is a happy ending!

Frustration Lesson

We all get frustrated from time to time, especially when things aren’t going our way. Asher is inspired to tell others how he personally overcame a very frustrating time in his life when his job hunt didn’t work out quite the way he expected. When discouraged, Asher looks to art and drawing to help him de-stress. Like yoga, art is a popular way to privately let go of all the negative emotions you’re feeling inside. It’s a healthy release which helps you pass the time. This class, in particular, features an anime image with a trapezoid mouth and fierce eyes – making the character really come alive. At the end of the video, Asher reminds us that no matter what, this too shall pass.

Impatience Lesson

The lesson teaches how to create a proportionately balanced image using horizontal and vertical gridlines. The anime character in this sketch portrays an impatient person with eyes looking inward and it is complemented with sulking mouth. As you watch more of the art tutorials, you’ll find that our instructor incorporates life lessons into every session to help individuals with ASD find hope and healing. Spend a few minutes to acquire a new art skill and walk away with an inspiring tidbit that could possibly help you on your journey with ASD. Asher, for instance, spills the beans on how he handled a frustrating job search after college.

Loneliness Lesson

The best way to learn art is through practice and in the fifth version of the Emotion Series, our instructor recaps the most common art tools and techniques used for bringing visions to life on paper. With eyes pointing downwards, a pouted mouth, and dark-colored clothing, the sketch shows the full sentiment of loneliness and sadness.
During the session, Asher recalls how living alone for the very first time ended up being a lonesome experience. Prior to this, he lived with roommates on a college campus and had familiar faces around all the time. This sketch reflects a transformative phase where he eventually realized that living alone could be liberating.

Love Lesson

Quick and conversational, this class encapsulates love. The anime character slightly differs from the previous lessons in that the shirt collar is stretched open to represent going through life with an open heart. Eyes that gaze and make direct contact is complemented with a red shirt – the color we use on Valentine ’s Day or on romantic occasions, for example. In the end, an arm reaches out to hug the main protagonist – representing newfound love and Asher’s joy in finding a devoted partner and friend. As the end of the Emotion Series comes to a close, our instructor wants the take-home message to be one of love, peace, and blazing your own path through life.