Communication and Solutions

Communication and Solutions

The Communication and Solutions series promotes self-expression about past and present events on paper.

In 2017, Asher attended the ASPEN Fall Conference to unveil our company’s offerings. A simple storyboard or comic strip template (printed from the internet) serves as a simple base to begin the process of drawing his experiences on paper.

In the first part of the series, Asher recalls the activity-filled day in a six-panel storyboard. It portrays his enlightening presentation; interaction with the audience; and marketing activities.

Later in Part 2, coloring techniques are defined and demonstrated on screen.

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Aspen Conference – Part 1

View how Asher creates a black and white sketch/drawing to illustrate his first experience interacting with participants at “The ASPEN Conference” on October 29, 2017, to promote ASDC.TV website and services.

Aspen Conference – Part 2

The second lesson in this series draws on the previous lesson’s sketch and features the coloring process using textures, Prismacolors, and more.

ASDC.TV – Part 1

In this sketch or black and white drawing, Asher illustrates his story about unhappiness in his previous job – an experience that many of our subscribers can relate to. His passion for art inspired the creation of ASDCTV website.

ASDC.TV – Part 2

It’s no secret that many autistic individuals use coloring to calm feelings of frustration. This is highlighted in part 2 of the series as Asher explains the coloring process and brightens the scenes created on the first storyboard.

App for Tutoring – Part 1

Asher creates a sketch explaining his idea of creating an interactive app for tutoring his clients in addition to an ASDCTV app for accessing services on a tablet or smartphone.

App for Tutoring – Part 2

Asher explains the coloring process, which encourages creative expression. Learn how to think outside the box and use colors that bring visions to life.

Pursuit In Art – Part 1

Asher creates a 6-panel storyboard drawing to illustrate his interest in art, and his pursuit to interlock music with art. It’s the perfect recipe for soothing sensory issues that are often experienced by autistic individuals. A comic book template makes it easy to organize thoughts and ideas, thereby promoting key communication skills.

Pursuit In Art – Part 2

Asher describes the materials and supplies utilized for the coloring process. Bright and exciting colors are used to make the story pop. However, students are urged to play around with the hues. As Asher colors and blends in real time, he reminds viewers to relax and stay calm while completing the art lessons at home.

In search of Asher & Caryn’s place – Part 1

Asher creates a 6-panel storyboard drawing explaining his story about living on his own with loneliness. In an exciting new journey, he recollects the hunt for a brand-new apartment for him and his girlfriend to call home. This new development in Asher’s life serves as an inspiration for viewers to take life by the horns and embrace the many unknowns.

In search of Asher & Caryn’s place – Part 2

In the second part of this series, Asher explains the materials and supplies used to create the vivid coloring process. Different blending techniques play a significant role in the outcome of the finished drawing, and Asher explains how it’s done in an enlightening new way.