I am Asher Rottenstrich – I’m living with ASD and have maintained normal life. I’ve successfully completed higher education at a local and accredited state university and have blazed an enviable path helping in my local community of New Jersey.

My goal is to help as many individuals as possible (with autism or Asperger’s syndrome) achieve their life’s dreams – through art. The internet has opened a gateway of possibilities to do so and I hope this is where we become and remain friends.

Take an enlightening journey with me as I walk you through basic, intermediate, and advanced art skills via online videos. After you watch the tutorials, proceed to complete a few “experiments” on paper until you master the techniques.

With me, you will find a mentor who has walked in your shoes. As someone on the autistic spectrum myself, I know firsthand how it affects the way we think and interact with those around us.

What no one tells you is that you have a simple and virtually cost-effective tool at your disposal to help you understand your world. It’s called art – and I teach you how it’s done.

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Emotion Series

Cruise through the roller coaster of life with art. The Emotion Series is where life meets art. It entails a collection of short videos with transformative life lessons that individuals with autism can use in the real world. Learn how to draw emotion-fueled anime characters that showcase a range of emotions, including boldness, calmness, or emptiness, for example.

In the series, an anime template is placed under the sketch paper to easily create a basic framework that can be adjusted by the emotion being described. ASDC hopes that our Emotion Series will have a lasting positive impact on your life.

Futurism in Art – Building Series (Watercolors)

A paradigm shift from the Emotion Series, the Futurism in Art – Building collection provides a bold outlook on what the future possibly holds in store.

Using strong geometric lines and watercolor paints, the Futurism in Art – Building Series transports you to a time and place where anything is possible.

This series was inspired by Star Wars and it immerses you into a cool new fantasy world.

Futurism in Art – Sci-Fi Series

May the force awaken your inner strengths in this six-part series!

Find out the basics of how to sketch Star Trek inspired drawings in the Futurism in Art Sci-Fi series. What comes to mind when you watch these art tutorials are the larger-than-life cinema scenes that make the imagination run wild.

The art tutorials are created in a simplified way giving even novice artists the ability to master basic drawing techniques in no time. The series ultimately shows you how to live out your wildest dreams of becoming a Sci-Fi illustrator!

Science fiction and fantasy jump off the paper as starship fighters jet through the night sky and a dizzying display of colors transport you to the future. Get the details on what materials are needed to pull off the series, including shape-stenciled rulers that make the process go a whole lot smoother.

Use the teachings learned on ASDC to practice in real life. The more you practice, the better you become.

Communication and Solutions

The Communication and Solutions series promotes self-expression about past and present events on paper.

In 2017, Asher attended the ASPEN Fall Conference to unveil our company’s offerings. A simple storyboard or comic strip template (printed from the internet) serves as a simple base to begin the process of drawing his experiences on paper.

In the first part of the series, Asher recalls the activity-filled day in a six-panel storyboard. It portrays his enlightening presentation; interaction with the audience; and marketing activities.

Later in Part 2, coloring techniques are defined and demonstrated on screen.