Online Video Lessons

Online Video Lessons

Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications gives you a window into your child’s inner world. Our interactive sessions give children with Asperger’s syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders the freedom to express themselves without inhibitions and away from prying eyes. Children have the opportunity to work alone or with a familiar friend or parent any time of day at their leisure.

Join Us Anytime From Any Location

Our interactive website can be accessed any time of day from virtually any corner of the planet. There’s a world of benefits in store. Expressive drawing and art have been proven to stimulate brain growth and boost users’ confidence, independence, and ultimately their quality of life.

A Low-Cost Intervention

Our art interventions are available to all age groups and cost one flat fee of $60 per year. Registered users have 24/7 access to all features, including teaching exercises, digital art tools, and new and exciting virtual art.

Connect With Friends

Users can easily connect with other young artists and share masterpieces – without saying a word! Check out the friend’s corner and explore drawings, animations, and other visual arts – all created by children with autism.

Motivate Creativity

Our interactive website introduces a range of digital art programs that help with problem-solving and social skills. There’s something new to discover every time you enter our site. This model was created to help expand your child’s potential by encouraging creativity.

Promote Independence

At Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications, we want to see a brighter future for all children with autism. This is why we’ve created our digital art studio, which provides a gateway for self-sufficiency, financial stability, and a healthy self-esteem.

Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

Rise up and empower your child with a simple tool that has stood the test of time and distance. Help give them a sense of accomplishment by providing unlimited art tools to express hopes, dreams, and fears, all on digital paper.

Set Goals and Track Progress

Set a dedicated time each day to explore art with your child. We recommend 20-30 minute sessions to set out on an adventure that ignites a love of learning. We advise parents to create a journal and note how these art interventions influence a calmer and more centered day.

Express and Share Feelings

Several studies demonstrate how children with autism are captivated by visual arts. It’s much more than entertainment. Through repetition, art teaches children about the world in schematic stages. This knowledge helps them to better express themselves – through art, and possibly language.

Improve Overall Quality of Life

Unlock the secret to your child’s imagination and watch as their critical thinking skills grow day after day. There are no guarantees that our program will work for you, however, numerous findings have revealed the benefits of using art as a supplementary treatment for autism spectrum disorders.