Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications helps to release unspoken emotions – of children and adults with ASD. We offer two types of art lessons: online video lessons and private in-home tutoring.

For in-home lessons, Asher personally visits homes, develops a bond with students, and teaches how to sketch, blend, and more.

Get two months free when you sign up for the 12-month subscription plan.

Regularly $60 per year, pay only $50 for a limited time only.

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Online Video Lessons

Not all screen time is bad. The right kind, like the video lessons featured on ASDC, promote expression through art. We teach basic to advanced art techniques in a simplified way. Our lessons are fun to watch and simple to try on your own.

Private In-Home Tutoring

What’s better than online video art lessons for children and adults with autism? Try private in-home art tutoring in New Jersey. Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications is proud to be an authorized vendor of The Division of Developmental Disabilities’ Supports Program (DDDS) in the state of NJ. This basically means that you pay nothing out-of-pocket when you meet the criteria for the program.

In a Class of Its Own

ASDC customizes our programs specifically for children and adults with autism spectrum. Asher was diagnosed with ASD during childhood and has a knack for relating to others on the spectrum. Whether you sign up for online lessons or private tutoring, we making learning an adventure.

Get the Best Tutor in Town

Asher doesn’t just do art as a pastime. He has trained extensively in this field to polish and perfect his skills. Asher received his bachelor’s degree in fine arts at Kean University and also completed courses at Bergen Community College. Asher breaks down complex art techniques into simple language young and autistic artists understand.

Art for All Ages and Stages

Asher narrates the lessons to ensure subscribers stay motivated when exploring the world of art. Lessons are available via digital subscription or in-home tutorials. Take advantage of our limited time only special of $50 for 12 months of learning (regularly $60).

This special rate is available for a limited time only.

Art From the Comfort of Home

Typically, a demo is given at the beginning of each lesson. Students are then prompted to try them independently at home in their spare time. ASDC strives to place an emphasis on positivity should any hiccups arise. He likes to take on “the world can wait” approach when his students are learning something new.

Students Really Improve

Many of our students face mild to moderate developmental delays. The goal of the art intervention programs offered by ASDC is to boost cognitive abilities, including reasoning, social, and fine motor skills. Our ultimate mission is to help children and adults with autism discover new possibilities and reach their fullest potential.

Learning Art the Easy Way

Many of the lessons we teach sound complex at first but when you scratch beneath the surface, you will see that lessons are cut down into step by step processes. Most of the art we create further blends basic shapes that form a bigger picture. Even the parents we work with sometimes get in on the action – because it’s very intriguing!

Communicate More

Another goal of ours is to help our students express themselves more freely using art. Pent up emotions may cause a great deal of stress and we believe art not only helps with articulating these feelings, it also promotes a sense of calm and tranquility. Both our online videos and private tutoring sessions are considered to be inspiring.

Give the Gift of Art

At ASDC, we believe that every child was born to create. We set aside the limitations presented by others and take on a positive mindset from the get go. Allow us to work hand in hand with your child to make them laugh, smile, and best of all – create. See the progress in fast forward by signing up for art lessons today.