About Us

Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications is an animation and visual effects studio for children and adults on the autism spectrum. Based in Northern New Jersey, we serve exceptional minds with untapped potentials. Our core programs include animation, drawing and painting training.


We understand that no two families are alike. As such, all our digital art programs feature different levels of art training. The lessons are paced to encourage reciprocal interactions and support the development of critical thinking skills.


Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications’ art lessons are narrated by Asher Rottenstrich. The first of three boys, Asher was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as a child. From his parents’ accounts, he was hyper-focused on puzzles, computers, and drawing. He would use art as a coping mechanism in everyday life. After observing this unwavering fascination with art, his father made a concerted effort to expose Asher to this activity as much as possible.


Our mission is to provide digital art interventions to children and adults on the autism spectrum. Our initiatives aim to help students break through language barriers and reach their fullest potential. We believe that art is a universal language that everyone speaks. As such, we use digital art programs that promote creative expression.


We imagine a world where all individuals with autism receive an opportunity to:

  • Communicate and Articulate Thoughts and Emotions with Ease
  • Connect With Family, Friends, and Society without Restrictions
  • Create a Successful and Independent Lifestyle without Limitations

College Life – Testing Independence

Asher Rottenstrich graduated high school on schedule and attended a local university in his hometown of New Jersey. He boarded on campus and found many friends along the way. Today, Asher Rottenstrich is a thriving 24-year-old who holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and graphic design. He credits early art interventions for his success.

Benefit From Our Experience

Our close relationship and awareness of autism and Asperger’s syndrome enable us to give parents insight into ingenious ways to build self-confidence in children with autism. We wholeheartedly believe that art is a gateway for self-sufficiency, especially for individuals living with ASD.

Lessons Learned and Paying It Forward

After college, Asher Rottenstrich volunteered at local centers to help children with autism realize their full potential. As a role model for children on the autism spectrum, he successfully executed classes to enhance intelligence and engagement for visual thinkers on the spectrum.

More Thank a Hobby. It’s a Passion

Drawing on his artistic talents, Asher Rottenstrich now wants to help others the same way art helped him. Several studies demonstrate the benefits of early art intervention for autism. Using the power of art and technology, we’ve developed interactive programs specifically geared to individuals living with autism.

New Growth Opportunities

We welcome children and adults from all walks of life, including teens and tweens. After enrolling in our program, we immerse each student in art methods that spark creativity. Our main focus is to help our students become confident and self-sufficient.

Begin the Journey of Self-Discovery

Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications is dedicated to building a world where individuals living with autism are accepted for their abilities. Most parents are told to lower their expectations when given the diagnosis by a medical provider. At ASDC, we beg to differ.


Are you or your child motivated by art or seeing the world come alive on paper? At ASDC, we meet you halfway by teaching you how to create beautiful artwork using time-saving tools – like stencils and templates, for example.


Stand back and observe while we demonstrate art techniques using fun and uncomplicated methods. We give a simple example through a narrated video or in-person tutorial, then prompt students to make their own drawing during their spare time.


We do art video sessions that feel much like an adventure – and all without the high price tag to boot. In the end, these art sessions offer a window of opportunity for learning and growth.


We offer opportunities to experiment with art. Over time, students learn more about the world around them and gain the confidence to integrate lessons learned in everyday life.

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At ASDC.TV, we teach up-and-coming artists on the autism spectrum a variety of techniques.
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“I and my wife were quite stressed out by how conflicting our teenage daughter has been lately… Luckily, we were able to find your Art School! That kind of an activity made things calmer at our home!”
Nickie O'Malley