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Until there’s a cure, there’s art. When kids on the spectrum are exposed to different types of art, they bloom. Numerous studies conclude that art interventions are proven ways to help boost critical thinking skills. The science behind this progress lies in the power of repetition and exposure to various sensory stimuli.

Imagine a curriculum that learns from YOU, one that adapts to your learning style and generates unique learning experiences as you grow.

Rotating Art

From drawing to painting, animations to games, illustrations to comics, and much more, each time you log in to Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications, you’ll find something new.

Digital Training

Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications’ online agents teach students how to use simple tools to create impressive artwork. Learn about blending shapes, colors, textures, and more.

Enriching Stimuli

Children and adults on the spectrum are famous for being visual thinkers. As a result, Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications offers robust and digitally advanced features to spark interest.


From getting insight into your child’s inner world to learning how to connect through art, the benefits of art are endless. Try Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications and see the results yourself!

Features and Benefits

For only $5 a month, with a 12-month subscription, you get unlimited access to our valuable collection of video art lessons on demand anytime, anywhere, with new lessons available every month on ASDC.TV.

Use At Home or On-the-Go

Sign into our platform from any location and at any hour of the day. Our digital art programs are perfect for home or on-the-go entertainment. Think car rides, shopping trips and more.

Boost Social and Verbal Skills

Unleash your child’s interest in learning about the world around them through art. Many parents have shared the progress made in both written and verbal skills after using our art programs.

Heal Through Art Stimulation

Our interactive website facilitates growth in children and adults with ASD. This is because our art lessons motivate users to express themselves freely through the sensational world of art.

See Inside Their World

The art one produces isn’t a mere figment of one’s imagination. These sketches offer insight into thoughts and fears. In turn, parents and loved ones get a chance to look inside students’ complex world.

Access Art Lessons

On Your Schedule

Get your youngster’s creative juices flowing by logging on to our interactive website at any hour of the day. Our art lessons are available 24/7 and can be accessed via a PC, laptop, or tablet – at home or on the go. When you need art to stimulate or help calm down your little learner, we’re just a moment’s click away.

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A Creative

Space for Creative Kids

Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications conceptualizes art as a driver for psychological balance. We’ve conducted in-depth analyses on the benefits of art for children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and the results are profound.

Take a sneak peek inside our virtual gallery and you’ll be in awe of the masterpieces our young minds create each day.

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All Ages

Are Welcome

Artistic Spectrum Digital Communications serves all age groups of art learners. From toddlers to young adults, we offer different lessons at varying skill levels to go at your own pace. All art lessons are especially beneficial for children and youth on the autism spectrum, as well as people diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.

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More Benefits

Inspire Creativity

No matter your learning style, art comes naturally to growing minds, even in individuals with an ASD. It’s a simple tool to unleash the imagination.

Expand Potential

Help someone you know with ASD gain the confidence to step outside of their comfort zones and see beyond their horizons through art.

Unlock Expression

Use art as a medium for expression and intellectual growth. The more you practice using art as a tool for expression, the easier it becomes to release repressed emotions.

Build Confidence

When you or a child has completed a project, print it, frame it, and hang the masterpiece on a wall in your home.


“I and my wife were quite stressed out by how conflicting our teenage daughter has been lately… Luckily, we were able to find your Art School! That kind of an activity made things calmer at our home!”
Jessica O'Malley